Seven quick tips to a healthier diet

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Fashionista’s like to look good, that’s a fact. Most of us want to be a certain size while we’re at it, because we want to be able to fit in the latest trends and show off our toned bodies and curves as much as we can, in a tasteful way that is. As a nutritionist and a fashionista/ stylist I have the knowledge to apply both healthy eating and styling to my own life. My main mission on XX Fashion Diva is to share that knowledge of fashion and style with you, but every now and then give you some tips and ideas on food and diet (that’s why I created this category). Because food (nutrition) is the basic of everything in life. In order to look good you have to feel good. And in order to feel good you have to eat well and nurture your body.

That can be a tough task to manage for most people, but I’m here to tell you that it can be done. By taking little steps and by making small adjustments, even if it is one at a time, to get there as soon as possible. Here are some quick tips you can implement into your daily diet right away.

Eat breakfast every morning, The most important meal of the day and that’s why this is the first tip I will give you. Have breakfast every morning when you wake up, no matter if it’s seven am or nine. Even if it’s just a cup of yoghurt with dried fruits or a toast with jelly. You may think that skipping breakfast may save you some calories, but it actually helps your metabolism to a kick start for the day. It is also very important to have some carbs in your breakfast because this will help you concentrate at work or school during the morning. And last but not least having breakfast may prevent you from snacking early in the morning.

It’s all about variety. Don’t eat the same thing everyday, but switch things up during the week. Choose between different vegetables, fruits, legumes, salads, and get your daily dose of fruits and veggies. If you don’t like to chew on them every day, you can go for a glass of fresh juice every once in a while. For dinner you can choose between eating potatoes, pasta, tortilla’s, bread, rice, couscous, bulgur etc. combined with vegetables and a piece of meat, poultry, fish or replacement. If you are a meat eater try to have fish at least once a week as well.

Learn yourself to read the food label before you buy the product! Very important if you want to make healthier choices. This way you can be aware of the ingredients, the sugar, fat, and salt percentage, but also immediately know about allergens and artificial flavors. It is amazing how much people don’t read labels and find themselves in a tough position after they already buy the product. Making sure the label has all the required information is the responsibility of the food company, but reading the label is YOURS! If you have a certain diet or allergy, or you want to make conscious food choices, don’t just select the product based on the front label, but read the back as well.

Avoid too much artificial flavorings and colorings. This goes hand in hand with reading the label of a product, because to know this you have to read first. While some food companies use natural flavorings and colorings for their products, it is common that others use artificial ones. This is not forbidden by law, but there are strict rules and regulations that comes with it. If you want to have a more healthy diet, avoid eating too much of these products (a build up of toxins), and choose the natural ones. The labels will read 100% natural or the ingredients will say natural flavoring or coloring. Note that natural is not the same as organic, as organic means that the raw materials are organic as well. Organic products have a special logo. If the logo is not there, it is not organic.

Visit the market (or market store) at least once a week to get your dose of fresh products. Fresh products like potatoes, fruits and vegetables contains much more vitamins and minerals than canned or frozen products, plus you can prepare them the way you want. Remember you get more for the same money on the market place than you do if you were to shop at the grocery store.

Keep the snacking on a minimum. One thing that can be very tempting is snacking during the day. Now I know it can be difficult to restrain yourself, but yet the trick is moderation. In stead a whole chocolate bar, just break it off at the first section and put it away! Don’t eat the whole package of potato chips but have a bowl and leave it to that. If you are tempted to eat more just ask yourself these questions: Do I need more? Does this nurture my body? Do I gain anything positive from eating this? Is it really that hard to stop eating it? NO!!! Snacking is just meant to feed a certain craving. When you have met that craving your brain should tell you that. If you still want more it’s basically being greedy. Yes I said it. Greedy greedy greedy. You’re not hungry, you’re not starving. Put it away! And if you are still thinking about it go do something else, like go for a walk (go walk out the dog), or do some chores around the house. You will see how easily you will forget about it. This trick helps me every time.

Drink at least 1 litre (5 normal 200 ml glasses or 4 long drink 250 ml ones) of water everyday. This one is a cliché, but it is very much necessary to stay hydrated. Water has different roles to make your body functions well, and water helps to release toxins out of your body. The guideline is actually 1.5 litre, but for people who find it hard to drink water, 1 litre is a good start and the very least you want to drink.

Why wait any longer to start eating healthier. Start today and feel better right away.


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