But first let me take a selfie


A bunch of crazy silly selfies, made in Suriname this year in January. It was my first real night of clubbing! I needed a nice dress to go with my curlies and pink lipstick. That same day I went shopping at Maretraite Mall and came back home with a peplum one I got at Dojo Couture. It was my first, and yet only, peplum dress.

IMG-20140124-00913 IMG-20140124-00919 IMG-20140124-00920 IMG-20140124-00925 IMG-20140124-00929

By putting this dress on I know I was showing some (or maybe a little more than some) cleavage. But ladies, from time to time we are allowed to show some skin. Am I right or am I right..

Yes, I was wearing lashes. In the near future I will do a post about lashes too, so keep following.

Dress: Zawary/ Bag: Jane Norman


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