Ten things you want your style to say about you


When dressing yourself you want to send out a certain message to the rest of the world. Whether if it is intentional or not, your style does say something about you, and this can be either positive or negative. Most people do dress with a certain intent and already have their signature style, while others may have a signature style to the rest of the world, but they actually are not sending out the message they really want to send. Like it or not, you will be judged by the way you dress. Even if you think that people should know you first before they judge you, they can’t see your personality first. That’s why I have summed up ten things you want your style to say about you when people see you, and how you can do that.

You want your style to say that:

1. You are someone who cares. This is the first thing that should be on your mind when putting together your outfit. Caring. Care about the way you look. Because if you look good you feel good, and that’s the message you’re going to send out. Besides caring about your own look it’s also important to show that you care for the specific occasion you’re dressing for. It could be a job interview, a first date, a wedding, a gala or just a normal day at the office. You care!

2. You are confident. self-confidence is key, because it’s the thing that will draw most people to you. Having that means that it has to show in the way you dress. Don’t hide behind layers of clothes, or always wear jeans and a t-shirt with some flip flops, your hair in a boring pony tail, and a pale face. Release your inner Diva. For instance put on a dress or a killer suit, shake off the pony tail, put on some (light) make up, give yourself some bold red lips while you’re at it, put your feet in those heels, and step out like you’re ready to take over the world. You go girl.

3. You are comfortable with your body. Don’t be ashamed of your body and what’s been given to you. Emphasize on the parts of your body you love and cover the parts you don’t like so much in a subtle way. Especially curvy women who think that they need to be a size zero to wear certain clothing. Let your body work with you, not against you. Show it off with flair.

4. You are creative. If there is a trend out there you like, feel free to try it out, but also put your own twist to it. Not only let it be clear that you can put together an outfit to look good, but show that you know how to accessorize. Choose one center piece to spice up the entire look. It can be a little bling, a pop of color, or something sparkly. Yes, now you’re styling.

5. You are present. With your style you want people to notice you. On the Streets, at the office, in class, in a meeting, at a festival, or any event. Instead of one color, mix and match with prints or stripes. Choose a blazer instead of a cardigan, wear a belt with a big buckle, a biker jacket with studs. Live a little. At the party you’re not the wallflower who’s trying to be in the back as much as possible hoping nobody will notice you. You want to stand out, not blend in and fade like dim light. Dress the part.

6. You have self-respect. Each outfit you wear has to be chosen carefully. There should be no body parts hanging out here and there, nothing that should be tucked in is out for the world to see. You know how to be sexy, but still look like a classy woman. With this self-respect you commend respect. That’s the way to go.

7. You have taste. There should be no old, ragged, and trashy looking garments as part of your wardrobe. Leave those at the store. In stead go for tasteful items that compliments your personality. Looking like a slob or too revealing won’t get you that date you’re hoping for. In case you have a partner, you want them to be proud to walk next to you and introduce you to people. Dress appropriate for your age, figure, image and title. If you want to climb up the corporate ladder, the message you want to send out is sophistication. Step it up.

8. You have an eye for fashion. It is not necessary to know all about the latest fashion trends and what is in or out. But know exactly what suits you and what doesn’t. Try out different clothing to see what works for you, play with colors, prints, accessories, and dare to take a fashion risk. Pick up a fashion magazine once in a while, or visit fashion and style channels on YouTube for inspiration. Come out of your comfort zone and make a statement. You are your own stylist.

9. You have arrived. After spending all that time getting dressed, doing your hair and putting on your make up, it’s nice to get some recognition. Because you now have all the above, you’re going to be able to step into a room and have people notice you without screaming for attention. In the house!

10. You matter. If you think you are not worthy you’re gonna dress like you are not worthy. Remember: you’re beautiful, you’re bold, you’re strong, you’re present, and you have something to say. Show that in the way you dress, and people are gonna start seeing you the way you see yourself. At last!



Get your style on and be the best you can be. You deserve it.


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