Plog Amsterdam Denim Days 2014 Blueprint pt. 1


The Amsterdam Denim Days 204 are a fact. Of course I had to be there to witness this event that was held for the first time in the Netherlands. On Saturday May 10 I visited the second day of Blueprint at Westergasfabriek, the event for the public, with my mom. Like always I took lots of pictures. In this post I’ll show you part 1 . 

Kings of Indigo (K.O.I.) X Textielfabrique Natural Indigo Dye Workshop. Sadly I didn’t join the workshop like I planned, because I was walking around taking pictures and having conversations at the different boots:

IMG-20140510-04332 IMG-20140510-04333 IMG-20140510-04334 IMG-20140510-04335 IMG-20140510-04336 IMG-20140510-04337 IMG-20140510-04338 IMG-20140510-04339 IMG-20140510-04340 IMG-20140510-04341 IMG-20140510-04342 IMG-20140510-04345DSC_0558 DSC_0559

Scotch & Soda – Amsterdams Blauw presents the Denim Photo booth. The racks of clothes were there for the photo shoot. Anyone could choose whatever they liked to wear on their photo:

IMG-20140510-04346 IMG-20140510-04348 IMG-20140510-04349 IMG-20140510-04350 IMG-20140510-04351 IMG-20140510-04353 IMG-20140510-04354 IMG-20140510-04355 IMG-20140510-04356 IMG-20140510-04358IMG-20140510-04361

Thought it was really sweet and funny how he was holding my bag for me during the photo shoot with my mom:

IMG-20140510-04362 IMG-20140510-04368 IMG-20140510-04376 IMG-20140510-04379 IMG-20140510-04381 IMG-20140510-04382

The Woolmark Company shows how sheep wool is being used to crate Denim. For instance this is used for the denim brand Levi’s:

IMG-20140510-04387 IMG-20140510-04388 IMG-20140510-04389 IMG-20140510-04390 IMG-20140510-04391 IMG-20140510-04392

G-Star RAW presents RAW for the Oceans initiative. Look at the great jackets made from denim. I was amazed:

IMG-20140510-04393 IMG-20140510-04394 IMG-20140510-04395 IMG-20140510-04396 IMG-20140510-04397 IMG-20140510-04398 IMG-20140510-04399 IMG-20140510-04400 IMG-20140510-04401 DSC_0611IMG-20140510-04402 IMG-20140510-04403 IMG-20140510-04405 IMG-20140510-04407

That’s it for part 1. Be sure to check out the Blueprint plog part 2.


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