Black and Gold never gets old


It’s the ultimate combination when you want to be very chique and classy when you’re going out. Whether it is to a party, a club or an event. Black and Gold! It never gets old. This combination is timeless, fabulous and suits everyone. I love it so much. Every time I wear this fashion combo I feel like the true Diva I am. And I am. Always need to look my best, feel my best and be my best. Cause if you look good you feel good. No matter if it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, I’d say get your black and gold on. Last weekend on saturday and this weekend on saturday I had a birthday party to attend to. At both party’s I did the black and gold. I like to share some pictures with you here.

I always like to dress up for a birthday party, and these party’s, both from a female, where no exception. Sorry for the quality of the photos. They were taken with my BlackBerry and as you can see it isn’t the best. Still I’ve tried to adjust them a little.*

My outfit for the birthday party last weekend on Saturday April 5, a 35th Birthday Bash in a rented space in Amsterdam:

Black and Gold collage 1

Pants: River Island / Blouse: River Island / Biker Jacket: Yu & Me Paris / Scarf: unknown (from The Fashion Truck) / Shoes: Le Scarpe / Glasses: Ray Ban copy / Bracelets: unknown (a market fair)


My outfit for the Birthday party this weekend on Saturday April 12, a 30th Birthday Bash house party in Utrecht:

Black and Gold collage 2


Dress: Classic Tricot / Blazer: LIV / Bag: Topshop / Necklace: Opia (from Primark) / Shoes: Le Scarpe


*Note to self: need to get a Nikon digital camera as soon as possible.

I’ve had a good time at the party’s and rocked the black and gold. Hopefully I gave you some inspiration with these outfits to get your black and gold on.


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