What Not To Wear: The timeless fashion series

One of my favorite fashion series on television is What Not To Wear. In this show stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly give women, whose style is just a big no-no, a fashion make over. These women are nominated by their friends and family to be on the show because they think that help is much needed. If these women agree to play by the rules of Stacy and Clinton they get a credit card worth of 5000 dollars to get a whole new wardrobe by shopping in New York. Not only do they get to buy a whole new wardrobe, they also get a new hair style from hair stylist Ted Gibson, and a whole new look from make up artist Carmindy.

Clinton Kelly and Stacy London on What Not To Wear
Stacy and Clinton with a candidate on WNTW. Photo from tlc.com

Although this TLC show has come to an end in October last year after 10 seasons, it’s still a timeless show with tips and tricks you can always use to update your look. In this post I like to share a video of one of the episodes where they take Hollywood actress Shannon Elizabeth, known from the movie American Pie, under their wing. Even a woman who looks like a sexbomb in a movie may need some fashion advise in real life. Just watch and you’ll see. It’s a pity that the show has come to an end but we will always have these videos.

What Not To Wear Season 10 Episode 08 – Shannon Elizabeth 


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