Saturday Slow Jam: Nothing really matters

With the cold days in front of us, it’s the perfect time for me to start posting some slow jams on Saturday again. It’s been a year since my last slow jam post, so you can imagine how time flies. The song that I want to share today is also from a year ago, but really became a great hit this year 2015. Everytime I hear this song it gives me such a proud feeling, because I used to chat with this guy years ago when nobody even knew his name. By now he may also not know mine anymore.

Way before the ages of Facebook, we had this social media platform in the Netherlands, where it was also possible to sent private messages to your friends. Every now and then we would chat there and I remember him telling me that he was a producer & singer-songwriter looking forward to his big break, which I believed he would get. Well, here it is now! With over 196 million views on YouTube of his first hit song “Waves” and more than 15 million of this one I am about to share..

Presenting an old acquaintance of mine and now finally a great artist in the Netherlands and popular far beyond..Mr. Probz with Nothing really matters.


So proud of this guy that he made his dream come true!


XX Fashion Diva


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