Fifty Shades Freed outfit

In my previous  post I talked about how I had a date with myself to go see the movie Fifty Shades Freed. Also I gave you seven things I liked about the movie and showed you what I wore to see it. In this post I give you the details of the outfit I quickly got to check out Fifty Shades of Freed in.

Because I went to the movies straight after work I didn’t have time to go home and change, so I decided to go to the shopping centre near the movie theatre and get me something “Fifty Shades” worthy. It turned out to be a tight black dress with sleeves and a waist belt attached to it, which has a satin string that gives it a an extra sexy touch. Simple but in my opinion so suitable for this movie.

My outfit:

New Yorker Dress

New Yorker Hat

Boohoo Coat

Scarf unknown (from Barcelona)


Today I went to the movie a second time, but more about that outfit in another post.


XX Fashion Diva

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