Rochelle took it to Paramaribo for latest music video

Rochelle who? If you’re into that dance music scene you’ll know exactly who I’m talking about. You know, that bad ass looking girl who was running the charts with Yellow Claw back in 2013/2014 with that dope single Shotgun. Yeah, it now rings a bell doesn’t it? Thought so. When I heard the name I had to stop and think for a second myself and then I recalled.

Rochelle, who is half Dutch and half Surinamese, was the winner of X Factor in the Netherlands back in 2011. Since then she came out with an album and a few dance singles/ music videos, with Shotgun, as a featured artist with Yellow Claw, as the most popular. With more than 77 million hits on YouTube it’s her and Yellow Claw’s most watched music video. For her latest video of her new single All night long she took it to the country of birth of her father (and me!): Suriname! The video was shot in the capital city Paramaribo. Last week a friend of mine brought this video to my attention and told me to watch it right away. She especially was pointing to the way Paramaribo is being showed in the video, which made me curious. So I went on YouTube to check it out! When I did, I saw exactly what she meant. My city looks so beautiful :). The first thing that struck my attention was the Surinamese flag and I couldn’t help to feel proud when I saw it. Go Rochelle! Represent!

Check out the video:

10 Things I like about this video

1. The Surinamese flag! Brings out the Patriot inside of me.

2. The way Paramaribo is portrayed. That tropical feeling makes me fall in love with this city all over again

3.  The scenes on the Yamaha. The most popular brand in Suriname when it comes to mopeds.

4. The fact that she’s sitting in a public transportation bus. Whenever I’m in Suriname, I like to take the bus at least once.

5. The fact that she’s cycling through the city. So Dutch!

6. The reference to the Dutch flag on her jacket. She’s embracing both her roots in the video.

7. The scenes in Palmentuin (Palm garden). Love this place and palm trees make me happy.

8. The dance scenes are filmed on my favorite spot: In front of Hotel Krasnapolsky (Krasje), next to the ice kart.

9. The styling is off the chain. Loving that Chanel reference and the Jimmy Choo pumps. Props to stylist Kim Keizer.

10. The dancing. Digging her moves, especially when she dances with the guy.


As for the song? Different then her former dance tunes and I like it. It stays in your head all night long!


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