Saturday Slow Jam: Everything about you

The slow jams of November were all about love songs for that special woman. Started the month with one of my favourite artists and ending it with my absolute favourite one when it comes to slow jams. How I remember the times when I used to listen to this song almost everyday. There is no video of this song, but there is no need, because it’s all about … Continue reading Saturday Slow Jam: Everything about you

Saturday Slow Jam: Put that woman first

Since I started this month with slow jams about love songs dedicated to that special woman, we’re going further down this road. Besides honesty and trust, the most important thing in a relationship for us women is attention. We love it, we need it and we have to feel like we come first, especially after we get that love declaration. Jaheim knows that this is true and tells you all about … Continue reading Saturday Slow Jam: Put that woman first

Stylish Tamar Braxton in her new video Let me Know

Miss Tamar Braxton has a new video for us to enjoy. The stylish R&B singer with her golden voice is shining in her new music video of the song Let Me Know featuring Future. She looks great as always and her voice is like wow. Speaking of gold, her outfits are gold and sparkly, fit for a diva. Really digging her looks in the video. Enjoy!   Continue reading Stylish Tamar Braxton in her new video Let me Know

Saturday Slow Jam: One Love

Sweet November is here. This month I want to start off the first Saturday Slow Jam with a love song that means something to me as it reminds me of that perfect love. The kind that everyone wants to experience at some point. Ladies and gents if you have that love you will relate and feel this song right here, presenting Trey Songz with One Love: For the … Continue reading Saturday Slow Jam: One Love

Saturday Slow Jam: I’ll give all my love to you

Remember Keith Sweat ladies? This slow jam is a very catchy one and I felt it the moment I heard it. A love song that will brighten your day. Love a man who give all his love. This Saturday I give you an oldie from Keith Sweat ladies, the beautiful I’ll give all my love to you:   Now after using the word love five times now, I hope … Continue reading Saturday Slow Jam: I’ll give all my love to you

Saturday Slow Jam: I need

One thing you might not know about me is that I am a complete romantic at heart. For real I am a sucker for anything that has to do with romance, like watch chickflicks, read chicklits, watch love shows on television, listen to love shows on the radio and…slow jams. How I love me some slow jams. And you know that the black men are the Must Listen when it coms to slow jams. Those smooth voices and faces are so sexy, that I have to share some of the videos with my ladies. From this weekend on I want to start a new series called Saturday Slow Jam, where every Saturday I will share a selected R&B Slow Jam music video, new or old, depending on the mood I am in. Continue reading “Saturday Slow Jam: I need”

Banging outfits in Bang Bang music video

bang-bang-music-video 2

Sometimes you see music videos where you just go wow on the total look of the singers. The clothes, the shoes, the accessories. Just the outfits. The fashion! In the new video of Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj I thought just that. Wow! The printed skirt and leather bustier that complements Nicki’s curvacious figure, the dress with the slit on Jessie’s body, which suits her just perfect, the two piece pink and silver outfit of Ariana that makes her look sexy but classy. Continue reading “Banging outfits in Bang Bang music video”

Happy 33rd Birthday Beyoncé

One of the most idolised singers in the world is celebrating today as we speak. The Queen B is Lucky to blow out 33 candles today as she celebrates her 33rd birthday. Wow! thirty plus and still looking as good as ever. Till today nobody has managed to get to the level of succes Beyoncé has for the past eleven years since she started her solo career. From her first album, which was brutally slammed by labels who didn’t think she had one hit single on it (luckily for her she proved them wrong), to an anthem that has hit the charts world wide and is now the ladies anthem of the century: Who run the world? Girls! Continue reading “Happy 33rd Birthday Beyoncé”

Fashionable African singer Yemi Alade



After Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam (AFWA 2014) I am so in the spirit of African fashion and African music, that while googling for Diana Tambe, the founder of AFWA, I stumbled on a music video by Yemi Alade. A beautiful 25 year old singer from Nigeria. This music video captured my attention right away. First thing I noticed: her outfits! Love it. And of course the song is nice too, it’s got that swinging African beat that makes you feel happy and wanna dance. Miss Yemi has got herself a new fan. You can imagine that I had to find out more about this Nigerian beauty and fashionista. Yemi was even a talked about topic on the Google hangout of USA’s first lady Michelle Obama and featured on, so you know her music must be good. If you love the Afro dance movement, just watch. Continue reading “Fashionable African singer Yemi Alade”

Tribute to Michael Jackson

Today is the 5 year anniversary of the death of pop legend Michael Jackson. It has been 5 years ago that the world lost the King of Pop. I still remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard this sad news. Do you remember? To honor this legend who will never be forgotten I would like to take a moment to remember him and share my favorite video of him starring actor Eddy Murphy and model Iman Abdulmajid. Which video do you think it is? Excuse the puns (which were a little bit intended). Continue reading “Tribute to Michael Jackson”

Happy sixth year wedding anniversary Beyoncé and Jay-Z

The King and Queen of Hip Hop are celebrating their 6 year wedding anniversary today, It was 6 years ago that this couple decided to say I do on a very private wedding in New York City on Friday April 4th 2008. I remember this day so well as I was watching E! news and saw this come by as breaking news. Some how they knew that all the commotion at Jay’s Tribeca NY penthouse and a white tent on the rooftop was the secret wedding of Bey and Jay, and knowing how private B is I believed it immediately. And I think it was the best decision these two made on their most special day. Continue reading “Happy sixth year wedding anniversary Beyoncé and Jay-Z”