Uptown, Downtown.. We at the Pep Rally!

It goes left foot, It goes right foot.. So hyper right now you guys! Why?? Just heard a song today that totally made my Saturday. Let’s start at the beginning. As the fashionista I am, watching Fashion TV is one of the things I like to do from time to time just to stay up to date on all the hottest designers and trends out there. This weekend it’s New York Fashion Week Weekend on Fashion TV and this afternoon I tuned in to see the hottest shows of the past NYFW. While preparing my lunch in the kitchen, a beat kicked in from the living room.

“Uptown, downtown, everywhere we get down, its ’bout to go down..” Immediately I started dancing in the kitchen, ’cause I felt this beat in the very first seconds. So I ran to the tv to check out what was going on. The crazy things I started doing, it’s better for me to tell you than to show you. Let’s just say it got a little street out of me even though I’m not from the streets (LOL!). What a dope beat can do, right. If you’re used to watching hip hop video’s you’ll know what I mean. Speaking of streets, when I took a better look at the tv, I saw that this song was played as background music to the fashion show of the Lacoste Fall /Winter 2016 -2017 collection. A collection that is clearly inspired by urban street style, where hoodies and oversized clothes are a trademark. Love the collection by the way. The new jackets are to die for!

Since I didn’t recognize the voice right away, you know what that meant. Google! Results showed me that it’s none other than MISSY ELLIOTT! Whaat??? How could I not know, she’s the Queen of Dope Beats. The single is called Pep Rally. If you’re a fan of her music, you will like this song as well. While the world was consumed by Beyoncé’s new song and music video, Missy dropped her new track that very same weekend and, to speak for myself, I never knew! Thank you so much Fashion TV! Very appreciated here.

Misdemeanor is Back! Here’s an audio of the song that is now on her channel.

With a mean beat like this, can’t wait for the music video.


XX Fashion Diva

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