A perfect day for crochet


Here we go again with another Paris look during my Paris adventure last year in the Summer. This was Sunday the second day of my stay and I was feeling like going crochet ;). Excuse all the rhyming. Couldn’t help myself. To me crochet is also a Parisian thing to wear and I always dress for the occasion.

On this second day I was all by me lonesome because my friend had other plans. The ultimate opportunity to go out and explore more of the city on my own (which was initially the plan). Since it was a Sunday, I also wanted to go by the Notre Dame to see it from up close IRL. My first thought was going for my maxi dress with a split on both sides, but wearing something appropriate on top of it since I was going by a church. Immediately I went for my crochet top. The perfect item for a sunny Sunday on the streets of Paris. Again finished the look with my fringe bag and flat sandals for walking comfort. A good thing I did, because I walked all the way from the Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower, and anybody who knows Paris, knows that this is a long stroll.

My outfit

Maxi Dress (no label)

Crochet top (no label)

Atmosphere Shoulder Bag

Topshop Flat Sandals

Sunglasses from market









perfect-crochet-8 perfect-crochet-9 perfect-crochet-10




XX Fashion Diva

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