WBD: Lip art the Parisian way

Staying on the subject of Paris, today I want to share a video of a make up tutorial by Lisa Eldridge. In this video she gives us 4 ways to do lip art using the Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge lipsticks in different shades. To create these looks she not only mixes two shades, but she also uses either matte or mix things up using cream and sheer, or sheer and matte lipstick in one look.

Fun fact is that she is also using lip liner, but she applies the lipstick before she does the liner. Something most of us usually do the other way around. But hey, this is make up and there are no rules – just guidelines. That’s why make up is so fun. Mind the useful tips she gives during the tutorial. Enjoy the video.

The Parisian take on lip art by Lisa Eldridge

The colors of these lipsticks are amazing! But obviously you can use lipsticks from another (more affordable) brand in similar shades. Because there are no rules, you can mix lipsticks from different brands. Why not even mix matte and cream in one look? Use what you’ve got. Have fun creating!


XX Fashion Diva

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