#WBD: My simple colourful make up look


Today I’m showing you how I achieve my simple colourful make up look that goes pretty much with any colourful outfit. This look is also perfect with an all black, all white or black and white outfit. A perfect make up look for this spring/summer season.

About three months ago I was wearing this make up look with this outfit and wanted to show you how I did the look. Today I’m finally showing you step by step how it was done, using my favourite beauty and make up products. Of course you can use other brands and similar colours. Here we go.

The products I used:


Nutrimetics Nutri-Moist Moisturising creme & Rituals Beautifying Day Cream:


L’Oréal Color Riche Duo eyebrow and eyeliner pencil (color 12, green) & Rimmel Soft Kohl black eyeliner pencil


Make up studio Eyeshadow Lumiere Designer Duo Olive & Prune, Rimmel Scandalous Eyes black mascara


Vaseline & Flormar supermatte lipstick 204


Step 1 – Apply Nutrimetics moisturising creme and rub all over the face:

20160227_135503 20160227_135553

Step 2 – Apply Rituals Beautifying Day Cream and rub all over the face:

20160227_135754 20160227_135807 20160227_135809 20160227_140000 20160227_140222

Step 3 – Rub some Vaseline on the lips. The base is set:


Step 4 – Draw the outer lines of the eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil and then colour the inside by drawing short lines. Finish by brushing:

20160227_140519 20160227_140808

Step 5 – Draw a line on the lower lash line with the green eyeliner pencil from inner corner to outer corner and back:


Step 6 – Draw a thick line on the upper lash line with the black eyeliner pencil from inner corner to outer corner:


Step 7 – Apply olive eyeshadow on the eyelid and prune eyeshadow in the crease, then blend everything starting from the upper lash line until the top of the crease:

20160227_143926 20160227_143931 20160227_144417 20160227_144426 20160227_144921 20160227_144938

Step 8 – Apply the mascara by adding it on the top lashes, then brush to 4 layers thick. Repeat on the bottom lashes with 2 layers:

20160227_145139 20160227_145403 20160227_145548 20160227_145608 20160227_145620

Step 9 – Draw another line with the green eye liner pencil on the lower lash line to make that green stand out (Step 5):


Step 10 – Apply the matte lipstick:




Check out the difference, base to result:

Colourful make up look

Final step: Style the hair





After doing my make up, I picked out my outfit. This outfit was completely built around the make up look.



Start doing our own simple colourful make up look with these steps and see if you can pick out a perfect outfit to go along with it as well. Let me know what you think.


XX Fashion Diva

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