Colourful winter style

Colorful winter_Collage

Today I want to show you a weekend look that I created  two weeks ago for a day out in Amsterdam. It was a casual date with a friend where we went downtown and did the dinner and a movie thing. We went to see How to be single and I wanted to style myself into a fun outfit that was suited for such a day out.

Funny thing about this outfit is that I put it together after deciding my make-up look. Because I was feeling like rocking a pink lip that day, I opted for a fresh colourful make-up look to go with those pink lips. After that I quickly build the look around it. Green and pink were the key words. For this fun girls day out I broke in my new Mango jacket that complimented the outfit in total and made this Saturday look complete. Winter in colour!

My outfit

Mango Coat

Blanket Scarf (no label)

Beret (handmade gift)

Fringe Boots (no label)

Guess Crossbody Bag

Salsa Jeans Dress

Belt (from a vintage trench coat)

Jane Norman Knitted Vest

Jolinesse Leggings

Angelo (Amsterdam) Necklace











colourful style 1

colourful style 2

colourful style 3

*FYI: working on losing that tummy asap. But for now I just own it ;).

The movie was nice by the way. From me it gets 3 stars.


XX Fashion Diva

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