My Revenant outfit

Rev look 1

By now the whole world knows that Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in The Revenant. Yeah! Since I didn’t see the movie before the awards ceremony, I celebrated this fact by going to the movie the next day with a friend. Ergo, on Leap Day of 2016 I went to see The Revenant

As props to Leo and a wink to the movie, I went completely in “Revenant style”. When I think of The Revenant, I think of fur, well in my case faux fur, boots and a hat. That’s exactly what I pulled out of my wardrobe. Started with picking the faux fur coat, then went for black basics to keep it simple and therefore choose to wear my black faux suede fringe boots I got in Denmark. To finish the look, I put on my stylish Vogue beanie. My Revenant outfit was born!

My outfit

Fórmula Joven Faux Fur Coat

Veritas Scarf

Vogue Beanie (no label)

Jane Norman Cardigan

Atmosphere Sheer Button Down Blouse

High Waist Leggings (no label)

Fringe Boots (no label)


Rev look collage

Rev look 4

Rev look 5

Rev look 6

Rev look 6_bw

Rev look 7

Rev look 8

Rev look 9

Rev look 10

Rev look 11

Rev look 12

Rev look 13

Rev look 14

Rev look 15

Fun facts: in the movie Leonardo wears a bear fur and from day one I called this coat “my little bear” because it reminds me of bear fur. Also Tom Hardy is wearing similar boots to mine. Facts I learned after seeing this movie, making me come to conclusion that my Revenant outfit combination was a good one :).


XX Fashion Diva

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