City Film: Come visit Amsterdam


Spring is just around the corner and maybe you’re thinking about taking a little spring break between your busy working days or a long weekend off for a city trip. Then I have a tip for you: come visit Amsterdam! My number 1 city in the Netherlands and my soon to be hometown this year.

Though I live in a city just 20 minutes from Amsterdam, whenever I’m there I don’t wanna leave. You often see me post on the blog about visiting events in Amsterdam or post pictures on my Instagram about being in or on my way to Amsterdam. There is something about this city that gives you instant energy and inspiration. It is very touristic and even “locals like myself” are being addressed in English nowadays. So when it comes to language, no problem. Just speak English.

There is so much I can tell you about Amsterdam, but for now I’ll just let a real Amsterdammer show you around “his” city. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for my favourite spots in Amsterdam.


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