My American style winter boots

American winter boots (1)

Winter is officially here. December 21, the shortest day of the year and I must say that it is true. This morning I waited to see what time the sun would rise or better said what time it would be daylight, because there was actually no sign of the sun today. Nothing, nada. At least not here in my city. About 9:15 it was daylight and about 15:45 it was already time for sunset. Really the shortest day, but still enjoyable. In the afternoon I went to the city center because I heard of a final sale at a shoe store with great quality shoes.

So there I was with some family members, all ready to shop for some new shoes for awesome prices. For the ladies it was one pair for Eu 29 and two for Eu 50, the men’s shoes were sold with 60% off. We’re talking shoes from Eu 100 and up and brands like Guess, Replay and Converse all in the final sale, because the store is going to close its doors. For me it was especially convenient as I was in need of some good winter shoes, so I went with high hopes to find at least one pair of black boots for everyday. With a sale like this you can imagine that a lot of the good shoes were already sold out, but I managed to get myself a good pair that will cut it for now.

But that’s not the pair I wanted to share with you here. Besides the black boots my eyes fell on these camel colour flat boots with American stars and stripes on it, based on the American flag. Not the typical pair for me, but I guess that’s why I wanted to try them on. Usually I’m the high heels girl or at least girly flats girl, but the roughness off these boots spoke to me and the second I had them on I knew I wanted to buy them. So I did! The best thing about these boots is that they are good winter boots you can wear in the snow and when it’s freezing and slippery on the streets. Believe me, I have the tendency to fall flat on my butt every time when it snows, because of my shoes. Hopefully if it snows this year, I won’t hit the ground with these on. Very happy with my new booties from the brand Polvere. Sometimes it’s good to try on something different then you are used to. My tip for you today is to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with fashion. Fashion is fun!

Have a look at me new American style winter boots, which were actually made in Italy.

American winter boots (2) American winter boots (3) American winter boots (4) American winter boots (5)

When I got home, I realised that on the first winter day I bought me some new winter boots, from which I have one word for these American style camel boots. Dope! Together with the black boots I paid Eu 50 for shoes that otherwise would have cost me Eu 150.

This time when it snows I will be ready. Happy winter time everybody.


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