October month my month

My Bday 3

Hey you guys. It is October! That means my month has started. October is my favourite month of the year, as it is my birthday month. Even though we all get to have one birthday a year, I celebrate my birthday the entire month. Rocktober! Cause I will Rock this month. Already planning what fun things I’m going to do to celebrate this month. You guys will read all about that here.

First up, buy a new dress for my birthday. That is my tradition. In the photo above I was celebrating my 26th birthday, starting at nightclub Panama in Amsterdam, wearing a new outfit and a Brazilian weave. Like the Birthday Diva I was, I put on a tiara.

My outfit

Dress: Jane Norman

Beaded Necklaces: New Yorker

Cuff: Angelo

Tiara: borrowed from a friend.


fashion diva mini logo

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