10 days before triple 10

Keep Calm and Be Thirty

Like every year, I am counting down for my birthday, which is now 10 days away today. The countdown helps me to get used to the idea that I will be one year older and I also do it because I am excited to celebrate a birthday again. As you can read in my ’30 before 30 years’ post it is the year of the triple 10 and I am looking forward to that. Counting down helps me ease in this idea and I for one am ready. Are there any ladies out there who are about to join the Thirty Flirty Club (TFC)?

Women of the TFC, we all can agree about one thing though: it might seem old, scary, serious or official, but turning 30 is actually freaking awesome. You’re past those roaring twenties when you don’t really know what you want to do with your life and now entering the thirty something years where you are comfortable with yourself and ready to take on whatever or whoever is coming your way. Adrienne Bailon, known for her role in the ‘Cheetah Girls’ movies and now the new talk show The Real, felt the same way about the 2 turning into a 3. She said it exactly like how a lot of us feel.

Adrienne Bailon talks about turning 30 – Grown Ass Woman

Hell yeah my Thirty Flirty women. We got this!


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