Livin the GF-Lifestyle, Without Giving Up Your (Foodie) Life.

Here I am again with a food & diet post, which is a repost from a blogger I recently discovered on Instagram. In this post blogger Andrea Jaramillo is giving you modern-day tips on how to life your foodie lifestyle while having a gluten-free diet. She discovered that eating gluten-free has a lot of benefits for her body and decided to switch to a 90% GF diet. If you are thinking of doing the same, read her story to discover how she did it, and what you can do to make the switch.

While I’m personally not thinking of switching to a GF diet specifically (but did start to cut back on some carbs), I know that there are people who are considering it because of health benefits, and might discover that this can work for them also. As a nutritionist/ dietician I would still like to remind you that it is wise to ask your doctor or dietician for advice before you start cutting back on nutrition that you might still need. Note that Andrea did her own research for months, so I advice you to do yours and rely on scientific facts. Good luck.


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Red Wine and Lipstick

If you live on this planet, you know that there is a lot of hoopla around the whole “gluten free” thing. I don’t have Celiac disease, but I have observed the significant differences in how my body functions on both a gluten and gluten-free diet. With a G diet, I’m sluggish, groggy, bloated, and just generally feel unpleasant. When I’m eating GF diet, I sleep 100x better (and I take less melatonin!), I’m focused and energized, and that bloated, sick feeling is gone. It took me nearly six months of self observation and becoming conscious of what I was putting in my body (4 months observing my diet, 2 months integrating new changes)

In January 2014, I made the switch to a 90-10 diet (because yes, I LOOOOVVVEEE pasta puttanesca, pizza, cookies, fresh scones, tempura-fried things, gravy, Chipotle burritos, craft beer, cheese and crackers, crusty artisan olive breads and MAC AND CHEESE!!!! I had to…

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