Get inspired by Totally Cool Nails

TotallyCoolNailsLooking for cool DIY’s on the internet is something I do every now and then. One of my favorite categories in that is nail art. Last week I was looking at fashion video’s on YouTube and I saw this video keep popping up on top on the right side every time after each video. It was Color Blocking Nails by TotallyCoolNails on the channel Polished and I had to click to see it. This is a very cool way of polishing your nails for this spring/summer.

Color blocking is not only popular in fashion, it is now seen on nails too, just google and you will see all kinds of color blocking nail art done with nail polish. TotallyCoolNails shows you how easy it is to do. Take a look and go try it out yourself. I haven’t yet tried it but when I have, I will share pictures of my color blocking nails in a special post.

Color Blocking Nails

Also check out the Totally Cool Nails Facebook page and YouTube channel for more inspiration.


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