My first Topshop visit and purchase

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This week I wrote about my Topshop discovery in Amsterdam and that it’s located as a shop in shop in the very chique department store de Bijenkorf. As it happened I wanted to pay a visit to de Bijenkorf for a long time now, because I had a gift card, and also wanted to visit Topshop. This way I could visit them both at once! Also this week from 2 – 6 april it’s the “Maffe Marathon” at de Bijenkorf, which literally means “Crazy Marathon”, with 5 days of discounts and special offers. So thursday I went to de Bijenkorf and finally visited Topshop.

Once I entered the first floor I immediately saw Tophop and realised that I have been in de Bijenkorf in December before Christmas, but Topshop didn’t catch my attention then. I now wonder if it is at the same spot it was in December, because I noticed that some of the shop-in-shops have a different place right now. Hmmm, who knows. Anyway I went in to take a look around and the first thing that caught my eye was a piece of jewellery, a very cool colorful necklace with flowers. See here:

Topshop necklace

I didn’t get this necklace because I was searching for something that lasts longer and reminds me of my first visit to Topshop. Plus I wanted to spend my giftcard on something memorable. I also went in with a list of things I needed on my mind, which included long blouses, a bodycon dress, a black purse that looks like the Chanel classic flap bag, and a ready to go pair of black shoes.

I went for the bags first and saw this amazing quilted black bag with golden chain straps which reminds me of the classic Chanel bag (Bingo!) and kept that in mind. Giving the fact that I love a good bargain, I went to the rack of bargains for the Crazy Marathon, but didn’t see any blouses that I like. On one rack I did find me a bodycon LBD and took that one. As my shoes were killing my feet at that moment I als went to the shoe section to see if there were any comfortable black shoes, preferably a pair hat I could wear immediately after buying them. And there they were. Perfect low plateau black sandals that would perfectly match with the outfit I had on right then. I tried them on and they were heavenly. “I am getting these”, I thought.

Content with the dress I went to the fitting room, but the dress didn’t fit to my satisfaction. It was a little loose on the side and didn’t compliment my shape as I thought it would. But still I wanted it and took another one off the rack hoping that one would fit better. Maybe someone else just stretched the one I fitted, who knows. I didn’t fit the dress this time, and walked back to the shoes and got them. And last but not least I took the quilted bag of the table it was on, it was one of the last two bags. Then I walked to the cash register with my three black items just to find out that the bodycon dress wasn’t on sale. Bummer! It was the same price as the quilted flap bag and knowing that the one I tried one didn’t fit perfectly I made the decision not to buy it. I only purchased the quilted bag with my gift card, and the black sandals for which I paid extra.

Now I proudly present them to you:






While a real Chanel Classic Flap Bag will set you bag from $3000.00 and up this look a like Topshop flap bag only costs €42.00, and for me minus the gift card it was €2.00. The sandals were €29.00.

I am so happy with my purse and sandals. I already wore the sandals, as you could read above, walking in Amsterdam centre to continue my shopping day. And I’m gonna rock my quilted flap bag at a party I’m going now. The colorful flower necklace I saw walking in the store, photo above, is also available on the Topshop webshop. So maybe I’ll get them there or just another time in the shop.

Get your Topshop on.


Topshop photos by Topshop


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