I am still around

Hello my loyal readers and followers. Once again it has been a while since I left you a nice post here on XX Fashion Diva huh. Now how many times have I said that I am back? Honestly I’ve lost count myself. But I am back..

To be honest I was never gone. Basically I just didn’t post anything on XX Fashion Diva the blog, but I was very much active on my instagram, my Facebook page is always up to date and I posted as many vlogs as I could on my YouTube channel. The only thing I did out here was check my messages and my statistics. So yes, I am still around. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who still stopped by even though there was nothing new to read here on the blog. But I promise you from now on there will be new stuff for you to read and enjoy on XX Fashion Diva, because although I was not posting anything I was writing down everything I wanted to share on XX Fashion Diva for my sophisticated fashionistas. Like always I never have a dull moment in my life. Travels, projects, lifestyle changes, career and of course cool outfits. So much is still to come. Hopefully all of you have had a great first quarter of the year and are crushing it in this second quarter of 2019. Cause I sure am!

Keep an eye on my Youtube channel this week, because I will be posting a new video almost every day for this whole month of May to catch up on the vlogs of 2018. Most of all keep an eye out for new blog posts here on xxfashiondiva.com.

Check out my latest vlog here:

FYI: the picture in this post was taken today, 2 May 2019, during my daily walk. I am still around!

Once again. Thank you for your loyalty. Till the next post babes.



XX Fashion Diva

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