The Jamaican Britney Spears: Samantha J in sexy schoolgirl music video

You might have heard the song before. “Me ah di gyal inna di tight up skirt. Mi ah di gyal inna di tight up skirt. Wine mi waist show you what mi worth.” It is the dancehall song Tight Skirt by Samantha J, a teenage Jamaican model and singer-songwrirer, born in 1996 Kingston Jamaica. The music video of this song starts with a scene in a classroom, which reminds us of the first music video of Britney Spears: Baby one more time.

As background music we hear the dancehall song Tight up skirt by Red Rat at the beginning of the video. The sexy singer walks on the streets of Jamaica in her school uniform with short skirt and then does a sexy choreo to the song. She looks very fashionable and stylish in the video.

Samantha J in a scene of her music video Tight Skirt:

The song is quite catchy. Just like Baby one more time, the song Tight Skirt stays in your head long after you’ve heard it.

Watch the video here:

Samantha J – Tight Skirt


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