Boss up: Take charge of your own life

Happy Tuesday babes! Today is another special date this year: it’s 20 10 2020. Or if you’re used to the day and month being reversed than it is 10 20 2020. Either way it is a very cool date, just like the date of my birthday was on 10 10 2020. Look at that, if you reverse the day and month you still get 10 10 2020 on that one, ha! Anyway, to celebrate this date I wanted to launch something new and make it memorable. After thinking about it for the past week, I came up with a new series for the blog: Boss up.

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Positive vibes with the Healing song

Happy Sunday babes! Hopefully you had a nice weekend and are ready to take on the next week ahead of us. If you’ve read my previous post you know that I still have a positive attitude towards this year 2020. Despite all the tragedy of the past months we all have the power within ourselves to turn things around for a good ending of the year.

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2020 is not lost yet

Hey babes! Guess who is back again. No, no, I am not gonna give you a long story about why I did not post anything on the blog since May 2019. Truth is that I was too busy with life and totally put the blog to the side, but that is over now. Happy new month! Happy new quarter of 2020! Hello October! My Birthday Month. Can you believe we just started the tenth month of 2020 already? What a year it has been.

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