Huishoudbeurs 2018: Food & Drinks and Tahitian dancers

This year I am visiting the Huishoudbeurs several days and reporting about what I’ve done each visit. Because the fair is so big, my plan is to visit different sections each day and share with you what I’ve seen, done and bought each time I went . Yesterday was my first day at the Huishoudbeurs 2018, but unfortunately I arrived later than I thought, so I decided I to start with my favourite section of the fair: Food & Drinks. 

Before I left for the fair, I checked out the program of that day and noticed that there would be a group of Tahitian dancers, called Orchidee, performing at the Pasar Colours festival, so I immediately decided that this was something I had to see. Giving the fact that it is winter time, I love to grab every change for a tropical escape, even if it’s just one that is staged for entertainment.

Arriving at the Food & Drinks section I was glad to see that it wasn’t that busy, which made it perfect to visit each booth in peace and try out everything that I wanted to taste. This without waiting in line or being pushed over by everyone else who was going for the same free samples of the yummy treats that were set out for the visitors to try, something that I experienced a lot of times during my visits over the years. As an annual visitor of the Huishoudbeurs, I noticed that some of the food & drink brands, who I’m used to see for the past years, were not represented this year and that there were new brands. For me that is a good thing, because although I am a fan of some of these missing brands, it’s good to see and try out other products that I don’t know yet. That’s the reason I go to the Food & Drinks section in the first place: to see which products and brands are new on the market and of course to try time out. In my case, everything that is vegetarian friendly.

Here are the photos from the Food & Drinks featuring some of my favourite brands:

After the Food & Drinks it was time to head to the Pasar Colours Festival to eat and see the Tahitian dancers of Orchidee:

The highlight of this day for me was definitely the Tahitian dancers. If you like exotic entertainment, the Pasar Colours Festival is worth a visit.

A few quick photos before it was time to go:


A look at the goodies bought and received this day:


That’s it for my first visit at Huishoudbeurs 2018. Stay tuned for my second day.


XX Fashion Diva

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