Huishoudbeurs 2018: Fashion & Beauty

My second visit to the Huishoudbeurs 2018 was yesterday on Wednesday, which was also the start of the Negen Maanden Beurs (Nine Months Fair), a fair that, as the name may suggest, that is all about baby stuff. Since this fair has nothing to do with my personal interests yet, it wasn’t the reason for me to go to Huishoudbeurs that day, but I did visit it for a second just to see what was going on there. My visit to the Huishoudbeurs that day was about checking out the Fashion & Beauty section.

Fashion is my second favourite thing after food, so it would only make sense to visit this area on the second day of my section visits. The fashion and beauty brands that were represented here were mostly the ones I’ve seen over the past couple of years, but it never gets old to go and check what kind of new products they have to offer. A brand that was new at Huishoudbeurs this year and particularly stood out to me was W7, one of my favourite cosmetic brands from the UK. Also jewelry store and webshop Mynt, cosmetic brand GR and annually represented dutch fashion brand NED caught my eye with their beautiful boots in the Fashion & Beauty area.

Presenting to you the photos of some of my favourite booths at the Fashion & Beauty at Huishoudbeurs this year:

After the Huishoudbeurs was closed, the Pasar Colours Festival was still open. Time to go check out the entertainment for the day and grab a bite to eat. Before heading to the food stands, I couldn’t help myself to buy something cute at a fashion booth in there. Then it was Gado Gado for dinner and music by Wipe Out Connection band on the background. Ended my visit at Pasar posing with Hostess Sylvia. Check it out here:

A glimpse of what I got myself on this second day visit. The Etos shower gel was a gift at the entrance:

My next visit will be all about the Pasar Colours Festival on Thursday, because that day is Surinamese day. 🙂

Don’t forget to come back and check that out.


XX Fashion Diva

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