Travel Diary: Highlights of Paris Day 4 Montmartre

The fourth day of my Paris 2015 trip was a day well spend with my Parisian friend, who really made this a memorable day for me. On this last day we were set to visit Montmartre, but on the way made a stop at Place de l’Opera, because she also wanted me to see the Paris Opera (Academie Nationale de Musique) and te Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann.

The main attractions of that day was La Basilique du Sacré-Cœur. To get there we had to climb a lot of stairs! The thing I remember the most of that climb was how out of breath I was when finally reaching the top. My friend tricked me into thinking that there were only a few stairs to climb, while in fact there were a lot. Sigh! She laughed when I told her that I had found a new title for a blogpost: “These f*cking stairs!” But it was word the energy. That basilica, that view!

Montmartre is in one word: Amazing!

Of course while being there in the 18th Arrondissement, we also had to walk down the Boulevard de Clichy, just for me to get a glimpse of the red light district and the infamous Moulin Rouge. Montmartre is in one word: Amazing. It truly is an arts district. Without further adue I’ll let you enjoy the photos of day 4.

That night I was supposed to go back to Amsterdam. But I got so caught up by the surreality of Montmartre and the souvenir shopping, that we left there too late. Because of that, I couldn’t make it back in time to catch my bus and had to stay an extra night in Paris. How awful! 🙂 (What would happen the next day, would change my life forever. That story has been told before).

If you have been to Paris, but didn’t visit Montmartre, you really should do that the next time. If you haven’t been to Paris at all, make sure you take a trip to this heaven for artists. Thanks for taking me there Mademoiselle A.


XX Fashion Diva

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