Positive energy and Focus for 2018

We are in the fourth week of 2018 already. Meaning the year is going by like always. For me so far so good. This year I started easy and in peace. Check out my NYE instatory on Instagram to see how I celebrated the New Year. Hope you all had a good couple of first weeks this year as well.

My main word for 2018 is “focus”. Focus on myself, focus on my health, focus on my goals and focus on my dreams. For the past few weeks I have done nothing other than exactly that and I must say that I keep getting better and better at it. Together with my resolution of 2017, this means that in 2018 I will have nothing other than positive energy and focus.

What was a slow year for the blog in 2017, will now be much better in 2018. Knowing that positive energy and focus are the start for a great year, I will leave you with just these two thoughts.

Wishing you lots of positive energy and focus for 2018. In good health. Stay tuned.

XX Fashion Diva

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