From dressing French style to sleeping French style


While I have been on the subject of Paris, France these last couple of weeks, I want to share something with you today that has nothing to do with the city itself or the looks I was sporting there, but with my love for French things in general. Not only do I like to incorporate the French style into my wardrobe and showing it in my outfits, I have a love for the French interior and frankly other French stuff as well.

But today I want to talk about that interior part. There has always been something about the classic royal like interior that intrigued me to my core. Especially the Baroque style. The French Baroque style in particular. Those rich shapes of beauty and opulence, I can’t help but to love it. Since I like to enjoy the fine things in life, I wanted to bring that into my interior decorating as well. That’s where the right knock came at the right time for me.

A French style duvet cover for a French style lover

What I didn’t tell you guys yet is that this past summer I moved into a place in Amsterdam. Just like I predicted here. Of course I wanted to make myself feel right at home. What better way to do that then with an interior decoration that shows your taste. Because I wanted to take it step by step, I decided to start with the place I spend the most of my time in while I’m at the house: the bedroom. It has always been my dream to come home to a bedroom that is decorated in total French style and I started buying pieces to fit my vision. The only thing I didn’t get myself yet was a double duvet cover for the new duvet I got a few weeks ago. Instead I used an old one with ruffles and rose print on it that did the trick, the only one I had actually. So, when I was approached by Dekbed-Discounter, the biggest webshop for bedding in the Benelux, to review one of their products, it couldn’t come at a better time. For a brief moment I thought: bedding and the blog? But then I thought, this is actually a perfect way to tell you guys about my bedroom project, in my lifestyle section of the blog, and review a product from a bedding webshop I’ve seen so much on tv lately. After all, bedding can be quite fashionable too. My product choice was no shocker. A French style duvet cover for a French style lover.


The order and the product

For the overall content off the review, I went for a satin duvet cover, that not only has the best print and colors to fit my dream room, but to also experience what has been said for years about satin bedding and your hair. This duvet cover is called Descanso Gemini Pink. Obviously this post is not the review itself, because I decided I want to use my new bedding in the new year. But I can tell you that Dekbed-Discounter delivers what they promise: my order came in the next day after I placed it. The product had the expected color and there was no damage to the package whatsoever. Even though I didn’t test it out yet, I took it out of the package to check and everything was fine. The look, the smell and the feel, which was amazing, because I held the covers against my skin and cheeks. Imagining what it would feel like to sleep on a bed made with these. New year I will find out and I will let you know.

What I will say is that Dekbed-Discounter has lovely products for good prices. If you are curious about their bedding and want to get some of their duvet covers, visit the webshop. Tip: duvet covers make for good Christmas gifts.

Stay tuned for my review in the new year.


*Image from Dekbed-Discounter


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