#WBD: How to get long lashes without falsies

It’s been a while since I shared a beauty post with a YouTube video on Wednesday, but here is one again. Even though I am a woman who is known for rocking her natural beauty in and outside the house, I do love to enhance my features with make up when I feel the need and in doing so mascara is one of my favorite products. As I was searching the net for mascara tricks for myself and you guys, there was one recently updated video from YouTuber Jasmine Rose (who has such a beautiful brown skin tone and amazing locks) with mascara tricks I really liked.

She uses the L’Oréal Telescopic mascara and Essence volumizing lash powder for her long lashes look. Both products that I’ve never used before, so I was curious for the result. Here it is:

She uses business card or her pinky when applying her mascara, but I’ve seen from other vloggers that it is also possible to use a plastic spoon. My tip would be use whatever has your preference. Personally I don’t use neither one and that works perfectly for me. Maybe I will try the business card idea, but with other paper stuff like old folders and envelopes, which usually go in the trash.

After seeing this, I think I may go to the drugstore tomorrow to get me the products she used and try them for myself. Thanks June.


XX Fashion Diva

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