Get inspired by this must see closet tour

Wondering around YouTube, searching for fashion and lifestyle videos, is one of my favorite things to do on the internet, especially during the winter season. Getting a peak inside the closet of other ladies is always fun for me. Last week, while searching for closet tour videos just to get some new inspiration, I came across a video of a closet I couldn’t keep from you.

A closet like this is like a dream for many women, including myself. Now, I have seen a lot of closets coming by on tv and the internet, but this one left such an impression on me that I had to share it here. What fashionista wouldn’t love a closet with touches of French boutique? Yes please! This woman has got me eager to start my own walk in closet project some day soon. But until then, YouTube videos like this will have to do. Fun fact: I have the same black and white mannequin. So, that’s a start right ;).

Enjoy and get inspired!

Before watching this video, I started a big wardrobe cleanse halfway of January, giving away and selling items from my wardrobe that I didn’t want anymore or at least thought I didn’t. After seeing this video, I decided to keep some of my clothing and shoes in my closet. After all, a few years from now they will be classics.


XX Fashion Diva

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