Saturday Slow Jam: The Sweetest Taboo

On a rainy Saturday like this, I felt like going back in time with a slow jam, so I’m taking it back to the 90’s. Back to a time when slow music was its best. With a woman who has a voice as soft and smooth like silk. A joy to listen to. The video goes perfectly with the weather here today. May I also mention that vintage jacket she has on. Need to get me one like that. Love! Continue reading “Saturday Slow Jam: The Sweetest Taboo”

Casual or fancy wearing the same scarf

Blue scarf

When it comes to accessories the scarf is by far one of my favorites. It’s almost like I’m obsessed with buying and collecting scarves. Even when I’m outside, I find myself staring at other people’s scarves wondering where they got it from. Today I like to show you how I used one of my favorite scarves as the main accessory in two different ways last fall/ winter season. The casual way wearing jeans and the fancy way wearing a dress. Continue reading “Casual or fancy wearing the same scarf”

Introducing my champion city: Paramaribo

Paramaribo (87)

Here it is my dears. Finally! After sharing a few of my I Love Su outfits, showing you that Paramaribo is a fashion city, telling you about the I Love Su fashion gear and blogging about independence day, I know many of you must have waited for this one. Paramaribo. Yes. PARAMARIBO! In this post I’m going to introduce you to the city I was born and raised in, which I’ve always been so proud to tell you guys about. No matter where I go, I always represent my country Suriname and I am very proud to be from Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. Like I always say, never forget where you come from. Continue reading “Introducing my champion city: Paramaribo”

Fashion is not frivolous! Alexa Chung on a quest

Alexa Chung fashion quest

When it comes to the fashion industry the general public does not take it seriously enough. This quote from Alexa Chung is exactly how I feel. She is right when she says that people are dismissive of fashion in general and think of it as frivolous. That’s what I experience sometimes when listening to people or see their reactions when this subject comes up. The lack of knowledge on this subject or even disinterest, which might lead back to the influence of parents and teachers, may have something to do with this way of thinking. Model and tv personality Alexa Chung teamed up with British Vogue for a documentary in an attempt to change the negative stereotypes of fashion. Continue reading “Fashion is not frivolous! Alexa Chung on a quest”

Sporting I Love Su and a fro in Ibiza

Ibiza Su 13 Collage

In these cold winter times it’s always fun to look back at those warm sunny vacations you had in the past. Even though winter has his charms, I’m a sunshine loving girl who will pick a cocktail under a palm tree vacay anytime. But giving the fact that I just recently had a mini break in Barcelona and not going anywhere now, at least not in the next few weeks, I wanted to take this time and look back on some of my sunny trips in the recent past. Continue reading “Sporting I Love Su and a fro in Ibiza”

Same outfit, two looks

Fall outfit Nov (5)

What can one do to give an outfit two different looks when going outside the door? That’s simple, just change a jacket for a coat. These two looks I shot last fall/winter season, but I haven’t got around to share it back then, so I thought why not now. It’s the winter season again and these looks are still very much up to date and I guess they will be years from now. Mainly because of two reasons: the faux leather jacket and the trench coat. Throw these on a classic denim and a sweater outfit and you have two looks that will never go out of style.   Continue reading “Same outfit, two looks”

New blog look – Under Construction

New years call for new beginnings as most people say. Just like I talked about in my New Year post, I decided to also give the blog a new beginning. Meaning a new theme with a look that is more modern and simple, more me. With this look you can easily scroll through blog posts by reading the blog post titles and clicking the posts that you want to read. No more unnecessary stuff on the blog but just the basics, so it can be more about the content. The menu is the same as it was before with drop downs of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and videos. Continue reading “New blog look – Under Construction”

New year, new beginnings

Peaceful beach

Oh my, how time flies. These last couple of months have been nothing more than hard work for me. Just to keep my mind of the tragedy of losing my father. Ever since this tragic event, I have not written anything new from myself to you guys. Working was the thing to keep me from sitting around and being sad, that in this process I have spent most of my time doing things I didn’t really like. Eventually, all this hard work was sucking the energy out of my body. On top of that I found out that all this time I’ve spent working, has kept me from actually grieving and letting the loss sink in. There was never really a time for me. At this moment I realized that I had to stop doing this to myself, before my body was going to turn against me. Continue reading “New year, new beginnings”