Casual or fancy wearing the same scarf

Blue scarf

When it comes to accessories the scarf is by far one of my favorites. It’s almost like I’m obsessed with buying and collecting scarves. Even when I’m outside, I find myself staring at other people’s scarves wondering where they got it from. Today I like to show you how I used one of my favorite scarves as the main accessory in two different ways last fall/ winter season. The casual way wearing jeans and the fancy way wearing a dress.

Casual means creating an easy laid back look without putting in too much effort. The first thing that comes to my mind is a pair of jeans. Choosing a shirt or top in one colour is the best way to make a colourful scarf stand out. Here I went for a white t-shirt and black sheer cardigan. Then threw the scarf around my neck and made a simple knot halfway, making the total look effortless and laid back.

For my fancy look I immediately thought of a dress. Because I was going to a party, I picked out a colourful printed dress that didn’t clash with my scarf. With this look I wanted more of a stewardess style on top and decided to put on my fancy navy blue blazer and tie the scarf around my neck in a bow. What do you know, a fancy outfit was born.

My outfits

Fashion Diva promo T-Shirt

Denim Co. Jeans

Cherry Koko Sheer Cardigan

Atmosphere Quilted Ballerinas

H&M Dress

Vero Moda Navy Jacket

Atmosphere Pumps

Sweet Crossbody Bag

Toxic Sunglasses

Navy Blue Tights (unknown)

Scarf (no label)


Blue scarf 1

Blue scarf 2

Blue scarf 3

Blue scarf 4

Blue scarf-MOTION

Blue scarf casual pic (7)

Blue scarf dress 1

Blue scarf dress 2

Blue scarf dress 3

Blue scarf dress 4

Blue scarf dress 5

Blue scarf dress-MOTION

Blue scarf dress pic (15)

Sometimes a scarf is all you need to accessorize.


XX Fashion Diva

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