Sporting I Love Su and a fro in Ibiza

Ibiza Su 13 Collage

In these cold winter times it’s always fun to look back at those warm sunny vacations you had in the past. Even though winter has his charms, I’m a sunshine loving girl who will pick a cocktail under a palm tree vacay anytime. But giving the fact that I just recently had a mini break in Barcelona and not going anywhere now, at least not in the next few weeks, I wanted to take this time and look back on some of my sunny trips in the recent past.

Starting with a family weekend in Ibiza in November 2014. A trip which I haven’t yet shared pictures of with you guys, but I will soon. For now I’m gonna show you one of my looks in Ibiza shot at the apartment we we’re staying in. Here I was sporting yet another I Love Su outfit, which I paired with my favorite accessory in the same colour scheme. What can I say, I’m a scarf lady come winter or summer.

Since it was still morning, I was rocking a curly fro before styling my hair.

My outfit

I Love Su T-Shirt

Atmosphere Shorts

I Love Su Flat Sandals (not the official brand)

Scarf (no label)

Earrings (no label)


Ibiza Su 1

Ibiza su 2

Ibiza Su 3

Ibiza Su 4

Ibiza Su 5

Ibiza Su 6

Ibiza Su 7

Ibiza Su 8

Ibiza Su 9

Ibiza Su 10

Ibiza Su 11

Ibiza Su 12

Ibiza Su 14


As you can see it was a full sun shiny day, hence the frowning my face in most of the pictures. Even though I was trying so hard not to. Silly me, forgot to put my sunnies on. More pics of Ibiza to come..


XX Fashion Diva

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