#WBD: 10 x New Year’s Eve 2015 makeup inspiration

Before the year 2015 is over, I wanted to give you a last Wednesday Beauty Day post. With the new year coming up, what better beauty post to share then one with inspiration for your New Year’s Eve makeup look. For this post I have chosen a few video’s with looks I really liked, which inspired me for my NYE make up look. These video’s feature ladies with different skin colours, so you can also get an idea of what the make up would  like on your skin tone. 

Hopefully they will inspire you too. Have fun getting ready for NYE.


Simple glam look that would be great with a maxi dress


Simple go with anything makeup look with a brown lip that complements your blue/grey eyes


Classic or trendy look for your little black dress (LBD)


Dark and plum smokey eye with sparkle suitable for an edgy outfit


Chocolate brown and silver spotlight eye look with 2 outfit ideas


Gold sparkly eye look with a bold lip for a total glamorous NYE look


Gold glitter smokey eye airbrush makeup perfect for a black and gold outfit


Glamorous NYE look with gold glitter eyes suitable for a colourful outfit


Bold pink/purple glitter NYE look to spice up your black outfit


Gold sparkly eye look with a bold lip for a total glamorous and chic NYE look


Are you inspired yet…


XX Fashion Diva

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