New blog look – Under Construction

New years call for new beginnings as most people say. Just like I talked about in my New Year post, I decided to also give the blog a new beginning. Meaning a new theme with a look that is more modern and simple, more me. With this look you can easily scroll through blog posts by reading the blog post titles and clicking the posts that you want to read. No more unnecessary stuff on the blog but just the basics, so it can be more about the content. The menu is the same as it was before with drop downs of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and videos. Continue reading “New blog look – Under Construction”

Monday Inspiration: Change your life

The inspiration of this week is a video that is originally titled as Motivation for 2015, but is very appropriate this Easter Monday. It stands for new beginnings and a new year, but also Easter is a great opportunity for a new beginning. A new life. Listen and learn and be ready to: Change your life!   Have an incredible week!   XX Fashion Diva Continue reading Monday Inspiration: Change your life

Monday Inspiration: Change is good

Some people can’t deal with changes in their life, work or even theirselves. Even though it might be scary because most of the time you don’t know what to expect from the new situations, remember that things happen for a reason and that in time you will adjust to the new. Follow my personal message to you for this week. Message of the week: Change is … Continue reading Monday Inspiration: Change is good

New look for Blogazine XX Fashion Diva

fashion diva mini logoAfter 6 months, a decent amount of exposure, and a group of loyal followers it’s time to turn things up a little on XX Fashion Diva. This means a new look and a better navigation system to find what you’re looking for on the site. XX Fashion Diva is created with the intention to be a platform for the everyday fashionista like myself who loves everything about fashion, beauty and lifestyle, but loves a little luxury as well and isn’t afraid to fork up some cash to get it. Its purpose is to be a Blog and Magazine in one, which makes it a Blogazine (such a cute word), where you can find things written from a personal perspective as well as a more general point of view with tips and advice. A Blogazine for the everyday sophisticated fashionista. Continue reading “New look for Blogazine XX Fashion Diva”