My Topshop discovery

I’ve heard about Topshop via internet and was a little bummed that it isn’t in the Netherlands. So I thought. Oh, well when I’m in the UK or USA I will visit this store because they have great fashion pieces. I like it, I wanna see more. Men, why isn’t this shop here? Bummer! All this was going through my mind when I saw their fashion for the first time. Just two days ago I found out that Topshop is also in the Netherlands. That is the moment when I googled Topshop and read that there is a store in the Netherlands indeed.

How silly of me to just assume that their wasn’t. Me, a google fanatic who literally googles everyday. It didn’t even crossed my mind to google if Topshop is also in the Netherlands. But now that I know there is a Topshop store in Amsterdam I can’t wait to visit the store. I’m planning to that this week. While googling I also found out that Beyoncé is a regular at Topshop, and get lots of her outfits from this store. She rocks the clothes so well it makes me want to visit Topshop even more.

Beyoncé rocking Topshop clothing:

Photo credit: Red Carpet Fashion Awards
Photo credit:

How is it possible that I didn’t know? Well, it opened in September 2013, meaning recently, and I didn’t visit the centre of Amsterdam very often to notice it. Also I was a little behind on my fashion news in the Netherlands. My google search also thought me that Topshop had already opened as a shop in shop in a store in Amsterdam on june 9th 2011, but due to competition from its webshop this store was closed at the end of that year ( Never knew that either. Guess I gotta keep up on all the big store openings from now on so that I don’t miss out. That way I can keep you posted on this as well. I do know that late spring 2014 there will be a Forever 21 in Amsterdam. Can’t wait for that one to open its doors.

So if you didn’t know about Topshop in the Netherlands (like me) or at all, now you know about Topshop and that there’s also a store in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. And it is a shop in shop in de Bijenkorf, Hollands number one chique department store. Go Topshop till you drop. Cause I will.


Photo 1 credit: Topshop Amsterdam


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