Blogiversary: celebrating my first post on XX Fashion Diva

Dresses Jane Norman

How time flies! Exactly one year ago today I wrote my first blog post on XX Fashion Diva. That makes today my first Blog Anniversary. Blogiversary! If you have followed my since the beginning, you would know what post I am talking about. The idea of starting this XX Fashion Diva blog came to me on March 5, 2014, a few months after I started my XX Fashion Diva Facebook page. For my first post I wanted to share something that represented me and get my readers to know the most important fashion fact about me since this is first and foremost a fashion blog.

If you did the math just now, you will know that it took me 10 days to come up with an idea of what to write. Coming up with the idea for a blog is one thing, but starting to write is another. But after thinking hard of where to start, what to write about and what to say, I finally did it. Writing something to represent me and set the tone of the XX Fashion Diva blog. This resulted in a little post called “I am the Queen of Dresses”. After this post the ideas started to come and I started to blog almost everyday in the beginning. My inspiration level was high and my enthusiasm was big. This combined with my love for writing, passion for fashion and urge to inspire and entertain others kept me going. It took one post to get me fired up. A lot of good things happened to me since I started this blog.

Now one year later I’m enjoying the fruits of my labour. Thank you to all the readers, visitors and followers who have been with me all this time. A special thank you to those who started to read my posts from day one. Many more blogiversaries to come!

More of what I’ve done and learned thanks to this blog, I will share with you soon.


XX Fashion Diva

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