My Fifty Shades of Grey outfit – pt. 2

Fifty Shades Look (1)

Today is exactly one year ago that I went to see the movie Fifty Shades of Grey with my best friend. In part 1 I wrote about seeing the movie and how we lost the first 15 minutes because we were late. Well, I didn’t went to see the movie a second time, but I watched it again entirely on the airplane on my way to Suriname last summer. What I still wanted to share with you is the outfit I had on that day at the cinema.

A movie like Fifty Shades of Grey makes me feel like high heels and a faux leather pencil skirt. So that was what I pulled from my closet and I built the look around it, with pantyhose since it was winter. What you think? Like something Anastasia would wear or..

My outfit

Twin Two Blouse

Atmosphere Faux Leather Pencil Skirt

Vero Moda Navy Jacket

Graceland Pumps

Hand Crafted Scarf (no label)

Parfois Shoulder Bag

Atmosphere Trench Coat


Fifty Shades Look (2)

Fifty Shades Look (5)

Fifty Shades Look (6)

Fifty Shades Look (7)

Fifty Shades Look (9)

The funny thing is that I just came across this picture (on of leading cast members Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson at the first première of the movie in New York:


Looks like stylists sometimes think alike huh :). The two looked very slick for the long awaited movie première.


For now it’s waiting on the next fifty shades movie..


XX Fashion Diva

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