New blog look – Under Construction

New years call for new beginnings as most people say. Just like I talked about in my New Year post, I decided to also give the blog a new beginning. Meaning a new theme with a look that is more modern and simple, more me. With this look you can easily scroll through blog posts by reading the blog post titles and clicking the posts that you want to read. No more unnecessary stuff on the blog but just the basics, so it can be more about the content. The menu is the same as it was before with drop downs of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and videos.

Sometimes you need freshness to help you get back in the game. Change is good. In the mean time I’m still working on some of the old posts to make them fit the new look just perfectly. You can take a look around while the blog is under construction. With this change there will be much more new posts for you to enjoy, like travel stories, event reports and more outfit (ootd) posts. Hopefully you enjoy the new look.

For those of you who are new to my blog: Welcome!


XX Fashion Diva

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