1 Year Anniversary of xxfashiondiva.com

Hoeraah!! Today is the first anniversary of xxfashiondiva.com. It is exactly one year ago that I purchased this name to use on the world-wide web and to me this is worth a celebration. This blog itself already had its 1 year anniversary which you could read about in the Blogiversary post. After more than one year of posting on XX Fashion Diva I still love it and will continue to share my passion with you guys for many next years to come (all with the Lords will of course).

On this Easter Sunday I am celebrating new beginnings and a new life. After this one year, I am ready to do more, write more, share more, inspire more, entertain more and be more out there..more then I was before. New projects awaits! And I am planning to take xxfashiondiva.com to the next level. Step by step and all in due time, but slowly but surely you will notice the transformation. So, it’s time for me to take things up a notch and get to work. One thing is for sure: I am not going anywhere yet!

Keep reading and keep following people. Happy Easter!!!


XX Fashion Diva

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