Spotted at Kling: The French Fries Bag


While walking through the streets of Barcelona looking for nice stores to shop and unique items, I spotted some cool food themed bags at a shop called Kling. There was the Pop Corn bag, the Butter Flavor Cookies bag, The Danish Butter Cookies bag  and my favourite the French Fries bag, Mc Donald’s style. Unfortunately the sales woman wouldn’t let me take pictures in the store after asking, so I took some from the outside so you could still see the bag because I wanted to share it with you.

Not something for everyday but it would be fun combined with the right outfit for the right occasion.

20141011_181206 20141011_181210

To be fun and cheeky you could wear this French fries bag with a black or navy trench coat, black or dark brown ankle boots and a matching dark beret for that French wink. Finish it off with red lips and be like: Voila! For he outfit I would probably go for a skirt and blouse with tights, depending on the weather. You can also copy the outfit on the mannequin. Just have fun with it.


fashion diva mini logo

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