A stylish goodbye

This outfit post has been long overdue, since I wanted to share it with you years ago. Just couldn’t put myself up to it. On august 29, 2018 it was three years ago that I’d worn a certain outfit which I wanted to be perfect for that special occasion. It was the look for my father’s funeral. Because what do you were to say goodbye to your father?

Those of you who’ve been following my blog for years and read my personal stories already know that my father passed away three years ago. It was a hard time for me back then and I still have my moments every once in a while. Every year on August 19 I take a good moment to stand still at this painful fact and remember the good times I had with him. The first two years were hard, but from this year on I’ve decided I will no longer hold on to that sadness and celebrate his life. As a matter of fact that is what I did while choosing the outfit back then. No dark and depressing colours, because my father was everything but depressed. He was a man who loved life and embraced everything good about it and dealt appropriately with the bad. So I wanted to reflect that in the outfit I’d be wearing to say goodbye to him for one last time. The outfit for the funeral.

The family decided on white, because that is the colour of a new beginning and fresh start. Though life goes on, it would be a new beginning in the rest of our lives going on without him. A new beginning for him leaving this life and move on. Therefore white it was. For me it turned out to be white on white with a splash of colour and a nice make up look. An outfit which showed respect, celebration and gratitude to a man who is part the reason I am here today. An outfit that was a stylish goodbye. An outfit that I now can share with you.

My outfit

Yessica C&A blouse and skirt

Fu Shu Nu Li Fashion blazer

Costume made hat

Vintage slingback pumps


With some love from grandma.


XX Fashion Diva

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