Huishoudbeurs 2018: Pasar Colours Festival – Surinamese Day

Just like I mentioned in my previous post about the Huishoudbeurs, my third visit was all about the Pasar Colours Festival, because it was all about Surinamese entertainment that day. Unfortunately, I arrived later than planned, because I had to finnish the blogpost about the day before which took longer than I thought. But even though I missed half of the entertainment, I still had a great time at Pasar Colours Festival – Surinamese Day.

For those of you who don’t know much about Surinamese culture, there is one thing I can tell you about that. Surinamese people love food and music. With that being said, whenever there is an event that is Surinamese themed, it’s always about eating and dancing. That’s why, even though I wasn’t feeling all that great that day, which resulted in finishing the previous blogpost later and taking longer, I wouldn’t miss this theme day at Pasar for nothing.

The vibe was great and everyone was enjoying themselves as far as I could tell. On stage I met a singer who was performing solo, singing dutch songs with a Surinamese twist and famous latin songs in the Surinamese language, wearing a nice orange suit. After that it was time for the famous Surinamese band Trafassi (=another way) that is loved by the Dutchies for over twenty years. With songs like “Wasmachine” and “Rijden in je wagentje.” (=Driving in your car) they always know how to attract loads of lovers of Surinamese music, Surinamese and Dutch, to their performances.

Have a look of the photos I took at Pasar Colours Festival on the Surinamese Day, including photos of all the delicious food booths present at the food court in the center of the Festival, with at the end the food I got to take away that evening:


Before I went to the Pasar, I got my nails done first at a booth in the Fashion & Beauty section:

Also I couldn’t resist the pink polish, had to get that curry at the Food & Drinks and fell in love with a shawl from the booth I got me those little money wallets the day before. This is what I bought that day:

All and all we had a great time and I was so happy I went. The entertainment on this day and the days before will be edited in a video soon.


XX Fashion Diva

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