Rita Ora slays at 10th year Independence Day of Kosovo

Who says that movies can’t teach you history. Yesterday I was watching some foreign language movies on Netflix, because just like my fashion, food and music, I like to switch things up with movies too. While Hollywood movies are still my go to for a good movie marathon, I am well aware that the world has many countries that know what they’re doing in the film department.

With foreign in this case I mean movies that are not made in English. One of these foreign language movies was Rezeta, a movie that tells a story about a model from Kosovo who travels the world for her job and ends up in Mexico City. In this movie she mentions Kosovo being independent on February 17, 2008. Now, I know that Kosovo is independent, but I didn’t know the date they became independent. As the mathwonder that I am, I immediately realized that the day before, on Saturday 17 February 2018, they celebrated their 10 year anniversary of Independence. As the instafreak that I am, I immediately went on Instagram to check out the celebrations of this major event.

Scrolling down the #Kosova10 posts I noticed posts of Rita Ora performing on stage in Pristina. This led me to click on the tag @ritaora to check out Rita herself, only to find out that a few hours before her show she posted a photo of her in Kosova hoodie before it was showtime. Rita is one of my favourite female musicians and I follow her on instagram, but this photo didn’t appear in my feed. So I had no idea she would perform on the 10th year Independence Day of Kosovo in Pristina. Knowing that she is from Pristina, Kosovo, it would be only natural for her to perform on Independence Day in Pristina, which she also announced a few days before on the gram. Didn’t get that memo either. But seeing all the photos and footage of the performance, I was triggered to see more of this show and went on YouTube to check it out. So glad I did.

Rita Ora slayed it on stage before the eyes of more than 300.000 people. The thing I love most about this Independence Day show is that she embraced her culture with pride in a section of the show which she called “a surprise.” Down here are some of the best footage of the show I could find on YouTube.

Rita Ora’s show on the news:

The beginning of the show:

The Surprise:

The Black Widow remix:

For years I loved Rita as an artist, but seeing this makes me love and respect her even more. As someone who is also proud of her heritage and is not ashamed to show it off, I love to see people doing just that. No matter where you are, never forget where you come from. Embrace it. Love it. Respect it. Cherish it.

Rita Ora. You Slay!

The picture above, which is also on my Instagram, is me paying my respects to Rita with a similar robe and towel look, like the one she took to the red carpet of the MTV EMA’s 2017. My look was shot months before Rita made that famous red carpet appearance, but I thought it would be suitable (and cute) to share in this story. 🙂

This post would have never happen if I didn’t see Rezeta last night. Because until now, nothing of Rita appeared in my Insta feed and there was nothing about the show on the news here. The movie itself? Well, I stopped watching it after I went on Instagram, but right now I’m gonna pick up where I left off.

Happy 10 year of Independence to everybody from Kosovo.


XX Fashion Diva

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