Happy Valentine’s Day 2018

The day we celebrate love is here again. It is not only about celebrating with your partner but Valentine’s Day to me means being a little extra in the love department for everyone. whether you spend V day with your partner, friends, family or pet, make it a good day.

Today I started with a breakfast of homemade pancakes and coffee with soymilk. Not long after that I left the house to go on a first girldate with a new friend. We went to see Fifty Shades Freed together, since she still had not seen it and I wanted to see it again from the first second. It was the friend I was supposed to see the movie with in the first place. Somehow the universe decided we should see it together and we did.

In the evening I had dinner and a movie date with mom at home, where we shared a lovely heart pizza. More about my V day 2018 in another post.

Remember everyday is a day to love. But on Valentine’s Day we celebrate love in general.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


XX Fashion Diva

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