How to mind your body: The 3 simple ways

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Here it is my dears. The post that I promised you earlier on Spring day when I wrote about my method to get back in shape. One of the post I’ve been really wanting to share with you guys and also a frequently asked one from people around me. For those of you who follow my instagram it is already clear that I’ve adopted a new active and healthy lifestyle, which I happily share with the world just to inspire and motivate anyone who wants to get started.

Today I share with you the three simple ways if you want to get started yourself. You read it right! There are just 3 simple ways, which to many of us (including myself for a while there) are not that simple to keep up with. When you read them, you’re gonna think to yourself: of course. But trust me, that really is all it takes to mind your body and get/ stay in shape. Here we go.

You ready?


Fresh fruit

Life starts with nutrition. Once you acknowledge that, you start from there. With nutrition I mean food that actually nurtures your body and not just fills your stomach.

Make healthy choices: Add more fruit and veggies to your diet, easy on the sugar and fat and avoid empty calories.

Try something different: Eat healthy food you’ve never had before and see how you like it.

Practice clean eating: Stay away from food with added sugars and artificial flavorings and colorings. Read the labels!

Grill your food: Getting a grill pan is the best investment you can make for your kitchen. It keeps the fat on a minimum.

Drink water: This is a tip a cannot repeat enough. Water is the best liquid to keep you hydrated and helps to get rid of toxins in your body.

Eat five or six times a day: This includes three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner; three snack times: in between meals and one after dinner.

Eat at fixed times: The body performs best with structure, especially if you want to lose weight.

Plan your meals: Make a meal plan for yourself, this can be from day to day up to a week.

Take supplements: while a balanced diet contains vitamins and minerals, it is advised to take supplements to meet your daily intake.

*For an easy start you can read my previous post with tips to a healthier diet.



Exercise time

It is important to exercise for various reasons. But the reason we all want to do it is to stay fit, in shape or lose weight. If these are the reasons for you, make sure to put exercise into your daily routine.

One hour of normal exercise a day: It doesn’t have to be a full hour at once, you can also divide it in two times half an hour.

At least half an hour of intensive exercise a day: If a daily exercise routine of one hour is too much, get half an hour intensive exercise.

Choose a workout you love: like with everything in life, the same goes for exercise. Do what you love.

Work on your strength: Strength training, hereby not just weight lifting, is an effective way to build strong muscles and tone your body.



Get sleep

Getting enough sleep at night (or during the day if you’re the type that’s working night shifts) is very important for your body and brains to restore from the previous day and get ready for the next. Enough sleep is also good for your metabolism. Furthermore it keeps your skin from aging faster.

Sleep at least 6 hours a night/ day: While some people don’t get to the advised 8 hours of sleep, it is advised to get at least 6 hours.

Get a sleep routine: Try going to bed on a fixed time or sometime near that. Structure is key.

Don’t stay up too late: If it is not necessary, don’t stay up but go to sleep. Turn off that tv, phone or any other device and make your z’s.

Take a power nap during the day: When possible, take a short nap of ten to fifteen minutes to get that boost to continue the day. It does a body good.

Make up for loss sleep in the weekend: Turn off that alarm and jet off to dreamland. Catching up on sleep never hurt anyone.


These tips will really make a difference in your life. If you’re not following them yet, start today. Say tuned as I will go deeper into each subject in separate posts.


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