Sunday breakfast indulgence with homemade pancakes

Pancake breakfast 1

Sunday treat, Sunday cheat, sinner Sunday.. Call it whatever you want, but we all like to treat ourselves a little on Sundays. For me it’s an easy day that I like to start with a little indulgence. This means that I’m talking about one thing only: food! There’s nothing like starting my Sunday with a yummy breakfast to wake up my taste buds. It’s okay to enjoy your food without constantly over thinking it. Trust me.

One of my favourite things to eat on Sunday is homemade pancakes, especially with Nutella or (duo) chocolate paste. To switch it up, I sometimes eat them with strawberry jam (jelly) among other things. But why not try both at once? So, a 50/50 chocolate paste/ jelly pancake was certainly a good one. For an extra bite I added some dried sugared figs and the whole combination was delicious. Whenever I make pancakes I don’t use sugar, but add my sweetness afterwards, this way I am indulging but keeping the amount of sugar in the back of my mind. Also a compromise is part of the indulgence deal, in this case it is a glass of 100% orange juice with a third of water, because I always add water to my juices to reduce the amount of sugars. My morning coffee (no sugar) is a must-have!

For pancakes I use the basic recipe of 250 gr flower, 2 eggs and 500 ml milk.

Pancake breakfast 2

While enjoying my breakfast, a little fashion update sometimes is not off the table (literally).

Pancake breakfast 3

Pancake breakfast 4

Pancake breakfast 5

Try some indulgence on Sunday!


XX Fashion Diva

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